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We were at Prowine (in Shanghai)🍷

Prowine was held in Shanghai from November 9-11 and as usual it was one of the best fair of the season.

We went to represent 6 of our partners: Alliance Loire, FSP, Charles Collin, Bosio, Riondo, and Valdivieso.

This was a "special" edition as all exhibitors, visitors and staffs must present a negative PCR test report within 48 hours and showed green “Travel Code" and "Health Code" before entering. Therefore, there were less attendees than usual, especially fewer exhibitors.

Several fairs has been canceled or postponed indefinitely during the last 6 months and many people have been discouraged but Prowine succeeded to gather the most motivated to do business.

Overall, it was a great fair because importers didn’t want to come for nothing 😉

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