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Rosé wines trend in Asia

Rosé wines appeals to middle-class youth, especially in China

In China rosé wines, as well as fortified and sweet wines represent a niche market. All combined they only account for 5% of the market shares.

As a comparison, red wines account for 80% and white wines 15% of the total wine market shares in China.

However due to increasing interest and knowledge of Chinese consumers, there is a growing trend for lesser-known products. The trend is mostly driven by young people from the middle class, in top tier cities.

Regarding rosé wines, consumers gain interest in this wine, and discover the good pairings of rosé. Moreover, it’s increasingly seen as an all-year-around wine not limited to summer.

In Asia, rosé remains a niche market, but there are signs of future growth, with for instance, a sharp growth of rosé demand in Singapore (+90% in volume) and Hong Kong (+50% in volume) in 2020.

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