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Feebacks: Chengdu wine fair TJH🍇

We have been to Chengdu from 3 to 10 April, and there was a high attendance as usual (not surprising for the biggest wine fair in China).

The fair become very fragmented as there are more and more hotel’ exhibitions. The most importants are: Shangri-La Hotel, Chengdu InterContinental, Wanda, and Kempinski Hotel, where we can visit importers during pre-show, and there are many others.

It’s still THE fair of the year for importers and wineries. Regarding the participation model, get a stand or not is a difficult choice to make. Indeed, with a stand you will have less flexibility (you cannot see everyone) but without you cannot make tasting with importers.

The fair was dynamic with many requests for new products to compensate the last year with the cancellation of the trade-show due to the pandemic, and to compensate the absence of Australian wineries.

As for all trade fairs we will see the results in the following months, but we can see that it’s promising for wineries as business is back in China!

Our Private tasting in Chengdu:

We organized a private tasting in Chengdu at Shangri-La hotel on April 6 th, 2021. Nearly 20 importers came for this tasting,more than 30 guests in total (some came with their colleagues). Most of them are the decision-makers of their respective companies. This is a great format for us and importers are always happy to come.

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