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📉📈China wine industry in 2022: business overview

As much of China gone into lockdown (from April to June) or coped with the pandemic with other restrictions, the way wine is consumed has been transformed.

Wine consumption, especially among urbanites, has certainly become more widespread with an estimated 52 million regular wine drinkers in China now.

However public consumption has suffered, even with a stronger base of regular consumers, it has not not be enough to compensate for wine merchants. It is worth remembering that China is a country where the lion-share of the consumption is done in gathering and through gifting by non-regular drinkers, the uncertainties of lockdown has had a strong impact. There has also been external factors such as Baijiu (Chinese spirits) revival, and the economic slowdown having an overall impact.

The wine situation in China is bitter-sweet: the overall data show a downward trend, but the wine category is getting more popular amongst regular drinkers. The overall market is maturing, and the return of WSET also mean a strong soft-power/promoting tool which will help boosting the category.


With the resumption of economic activity at the end of the lockdown in June, we have visited interwine in Guangzhou. We have been once again able to organize our private events in Shanghai and Qingdao in June, and Guanghzou in August. Eagerly awaited by the team and importers, we welcomed more than 100 people in these 3 different cities.

Qingdao private event Guangzhou private event Shanghai private event

Chengdu wine faire has been postponed but we look forward to attend the next fairs: Wine to Asia and Prowine. We will also go ahead with our private events to showcase our new wines!


Some wineries have recently decided to partner with us to take over their development in China. We welcomed this year Monte da Ravasqueira, a large family owned Portuguese winery located in Alentejo region.

More recently we also welcomed Velis from Germany, a boutique estate with vineyards in Bulgaria and Germany, and also Famiglia de Cerchio, one of the top organic producer Abruzzo domain with a long family history.

Our portfolio is enriched by these new diverse producers, so check “our Partners” on our website to know more!

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