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WSET forced to suspend its activities ⚠

Concerning news for the wine industry in China: WSET is facing some issues with the local administration and is suspending its activities ...

WSET is suspending its activities right now (classes & examinations). Causes seem to be tax related, with a likely background of political triggers.

Some people love WSET (I do!) and some do not adhere to the 'Systemic Approach to Tasting', but everyone agrees that WSET has been a hugely influential in the wine industry and has been particularly successful in China.

Having taught a couple of classes over the past 3 years, I have been amazed to see that not only professionals but also many amateurs and wine lovers went for WSET 2, WSET 3 and some even WSET Diploma!

Over the last few years, WSET has become the professional standard in the industry and has helped bringing awareness and structure in an increasingly fragmented wine world. The landscape is complicated in matter or brands and regions, especially when opposed to spirits and beers where behemoth-brands take the front row. The industry needs some sort of soft power to bring the wine with its diversity to the table.

Let's wish #WSET that everything will be sorted out and hope hundreds of candidates will be able to pull their hair out on exams and blind tasting again!

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