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Imported wines in China; Country ranking 2021 🥇🥈🥉

France regained its market leadership position as China’s biggest wine supplier, a position that was taken by Australia in 2019.

Few months ago we got the ranking of top importing wine countries in China for 2020.

For 2021 ranking, we knew that with the extraordinary punitive tariffs on Australian wines, the market would be seriously impacted. We were curious what the top 10 would look like? Will new wine region enter the game ? As a reminder, the 2020 ranking: 1) Australia 2) France 3) Chile 4) Italy 5) Spain 6) Argentina 7) US 8) Germany 9) New Zealand 10) Portugal

According to data released by China Association of Imports and Exports of Wine & Spirits, here is the ranking of importing wine countries from January to May 2021:

1) France

French wines account for 41.5% of the country’s overall imports.

+61.45% growth in value and +22.35% in volume over the same period last year.

2) Chile

20% market share, and +46% of export value to China during this period (Jan-May).

3) Italy

9.8% market share in China.

Year on year growth; +45.11% value, +24.66% volume.

"The top three wine suppliers in China now are responsible for over 70% of imported wines sold in China." Vino-Joy

4) Spain

5) Australia

Before the punitive tariff they accounted for almost 40% market share. With a sharp drop in volume (84%) and in value (81%), Australian wines are down to 7% market share.

6) USA

7) Argentina

8) South Africa

9) Germany

10) New Zealand

It will be interesting to know how this ranking will evolve by the end of the year, and maybe see the comeback of Portugal in the top 10!

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