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2021: China wine demand is growing fast 📈📱🍷

Chinese consumers' interest in wine is continuously getting stronger; the market is expected to completely recover from the crisis and return to 2019 levels as Chinese consumers’ wine engagement increase. The wine trend in China is accelerating year after year and will continue to create huge opportunities also for less known foreign products, in the near future.

The 2020 Covid crisis led the value of wine sold in China to drop by 32%, and the shutdown of on-premises consumption was one of the main causes. Furthermore, as the Master of Wine Fongyee Walker said in an interview with wine intelligence, Chinese consumers do not drink much wine at home. Indeed, it was not yet in their habit to drink a glass of wine without special circumstances, on a daily basis. Chinese people used to drink wine in restaurants, bars, club etc. or for special occasions. When ordering wine online or in physical stores, it is often as a gift, to drink with friends or for any special occasion. Therefore, the pandemic has been terrible; the at-home drink occasion could not compensate the wine sales losses of on-premises as was the case in western markets such as US and UK.

However, with the great visibility of Chinese influencers promoting the wine consumption on social medias like Douyin (Tik-Tok) during the lockdown, the market has seen a new trend emerged.

This is what the Chinese wine industry needed; Home wine consumption has started to become a serious new trend for Chinese consumers. A report of wine intelligence released after lockdown in China showed consumers were increasing the opportunities to drink at home.

China wine experts agree that Chinese interest and curiosity in wine is steadily growing, and this is mainly due to online platforms and brand ambassadors.

In addition, they are eager to learn, which will open great opportunities for a wider range of products and wineries from lesser-known regions.

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