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1st Private Tasting in Qingdao 🍷🤵

Your Wine Rep organized the first private tasting in Qingdao at Meridien hotel on March 17th, 2021. Nearly 30 importers came for this tasting, more than 50 guests in total (some came with their colleagues) and 1 key KOL well known in Shandong came over.

There were mostly importers from Qingdao, and among the largest as most of the top10 were present. We also met importers who came from further (Jinnan and Yentai).

The event lasted from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and was well received from importers. We had good business discussions with the importers, and great feedback! It is also a good chance for us to introduce the wineries, the wines and for the clients to taste the samples.

People could taste the wines from all our portfolio because we had about 10 samples per producer. They had the opportunity to taste wines from 6 different countries from our 8 partner producers, all day long!

We were expecting around 15 importers, but more turned out, and some importers recommended the event to other importers.

As planned, our next private tasting will be held at Shangri-La Chengdu on April 5th during the China Food & Drinks Fair. We are expecting to see at least 30 importers since it will be a major gathering for the industry people during the event.

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