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China: New customs regulations 📑

China has changed its customs regulations on wine labeling.

Now, OEM distributor brand wines will have to clearly indicate on Chinese labels that the wines have been bottled in China and subject to the new customs regulations.

China wants to further define and clarify customs regulations for businesses and end consumers. The objective is to recognize the bulk wine, OEM, privately labeled brands which have been the source of counterfeits for many years.

As of December 31, 2020, Chinese customs authorities require that all wines arriving in China clearly indicate on Chinese labels whether the wine has been processed and bottled in China. Indeed, this would allow consumers to avoid being trapped by deceptive labels.

On the other hand, the consumer is not necessarily informed. It will be interesting to observe whether this measure will affect the choice of end consumers.

Indeed, will consumers now choose wines bottled in the country of origin rather than in China?

There was already an indication before, but it never had a noticeable impact on consumers, so let us see how these changes will be applied and understood by consumers.

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