Why Your Wine Rep ?

Our team is  based in Shanghai office. We have an established network of importers, an experienced sales team in the wine industry and the market knowledge in Asia Pacific.

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"From wineries to importers"


Customer meetings

From our CRM (around 3000 importers contact database) we identify the decision makers and suggest meetings as well as sending offers.


Pitching & Closing the sales

We find the gap in their portfolio and pitch your wines. We sample, follow up, negotiate and close the deals.


Visibility & Transparency

We take the orders, help importers with their requests and solve eventual issues that may arise.

Our Markets

Our Shanghai office

*Our market is Asia-Pacific, (strong focus on China) and we are based in Shanghai, China.

Your Alternatives

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Your Wine Rep service cost you less than a full time representative and have more extensive network.  Here is how we compare to existing alternatives:

Your rather travel from the winery several times a year?


Save some kerosene and be efficient. Travel less but do it with class: we will open our network to you, organize meetings and fuel your expansion. We are on-site 365 days a year for the groundwork, and will team up when you are here in Asia.

Set up a subsidiary & hiring someone in Asia:  


It makes sense if you have substantial business (> 5million dollars/year), otherwise you might regret being a control freak.
Setting up a subsidiary, managing its accountancy, understanding local labor law is tough but nothing compared to the challenge or finding (and keeping) a gem working for you on the long run.


Commission based agents:

There are fewer and fewer of these, for the ones which are efficient, the risk is for you to watch them working with your competitors.

It is not only about the lack of transparency and ownership, but these agents also need quick wins to keep doing the groundwork and can easily work with your neighbors.

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Your Wine Rep Expertise

Wine Expertise

Your Wine Rep’s team is made of wine & spirits specialists, should it be wine business at Master level or WSET studies, they have the required background to understand what you do, what you need, and how we can help. They are people who share your passion for the wine & spirits world.

Market Expertise

Each member of your Wine Rep has been in the trade for many years. It allows to understand Asia demands and trends in its entirety, even China is a very fragmented market with different demands from one region to another. We are multilingual and speak Mandarin fluently, to smoothen communication process ultimately.

Sales Expertise

We believe sales is about service and making decision making process as smooth as it can while letting more and more people know about the brands we carry. Also, more than that we understand the importance of adding value for producers and buyers to set sustainable relationships.

Our sales ground

Your Wine Rep Strengths


Strong network, latest CRM technology and most importantly face to face meeting are the essential ingredients of our business expansion recipe. Our experience and knowledge lead to a high conversion rate.

Culture & Language

We speak our importers clients' language... This is especially relevant to China: it is not only about being fluent in mandarin but understanding about the non-verbal communication and what is unsaid.


It could be launching a new range, or a new service.

It is all part of the package; we help our partners with anything which is related to improve your business in our market.

How do we follow-up with the wineries ?

1) Regular Reports

Our reports in 3 parts


General Comments & Datas

  • Overall situation in China

  • Business trip plan

  • Meetings achieved


CRM overview & Meetings Notes

  • Importers profiles & their needs

  • Current and next step


Follow-up with On-going Deals

  • Offers we send

  • Summary on the sales process (contact, offers, samples etc.)

2) Regular Phone Calls

We follow your strategy and touch base regularly to make sure what we do is in line with our partners expectations. 

Your Wine Rep Values


We do not give up. Some wine might be hard or easy to sell, we will make sure we reach full market potential for each of them, and beyond. We keep learning about wines, process, wineries values, and. In order to represent our partners well, we to know them well.


We transform targets into a clear action plan and take responsibility for all of our actions. The work ethic is essential, for the company, in the sustainable collaboration with the importers and our partners to develop long term relationships and business.


As  dedicated representatives, we will always be available to our partners as well as giving them clear and complete feedback of what we have done and what we will do. We communicate all the clients’ contacts, offers and meeting notes so everyone knows where we are up to.

They trust us

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